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Implementing the See-Think-Do-Care When Creating aConversion Funnel in Digital Marketing

When we talk about the transformation design in electronic marketing, we have been discussing your way one tends to make from possibility to consumer. The See-Think-Do-Care design is based on buyer intent. Let us consider it slightly closer when you look at the...

SEO Content Writing vs. SEO Copywriting: Is There a Difference?

  Both Composing, Different Outcomes Both SEO content writing and copywriting want to do using words on the page, but they each provide their particular distinct purpose. This distinction matters because makes it possible to determine which method you need to use...

How to Balance Marketing Automation and Personalization

August 31, 2019 4 min read Views expressed by Entrepreneur contributors tend to be their. Brands have welcomed automation to help them complete a spectrum of every day tasks. Based on a recent study published by social networking These days, 75 percent of marketing...

Do Influencers Need to Tell Audiences They’re Getting Paid?

In 2018, 19% of all U.S. consumers — including 36% of those aged under 25 — purchased a product or service because a social media influencer recommended it. Unsurprisingly, U.S. companies have taken note: 75% relied on influencer marketing in 2018 and 92% of marketing...

Using Data to Boost the Effectiveness of B2B Content Marketing

What are the challenges B2B marketers face in bringing more sophistication to their content marketing efforts and making a much better connection between producing original content and spiking the bottom line? The most common challenges B2B companies face are: Going...

About Us

We Know What Works

We are more than just a marketing company.  We know dentistry inside and out and have experience as owner operators of an independent dental practice. We think differently from mass marketing agencies and help independent practices stand up to Corporate Dentistry’s mega marketing budgets.

All of our services – attracting new patients, accelerated growth, consulting and staff training are geared towards generating Profits and not “Unprofitable Revenue”for you, that’s why we call ourselves “Profit Practice”.

Our Story

Although Profit Practice launched in 2018, we have deep-rooted experience in dentistry, business management and generating new leads.

In 2017, we became owners of an independent dental practice and quickly realised that we need to build a brand and put ourselves in front of patients who are actively seeking a new dentist or a certain high-value treatment.

Our challenge was to compete with the mega budgets of corporate groups and that’s when David and myself came together to research, trial and launch marketing campaigns.

We quickly realised that most dentists never stop their pursuit of knowledge and clinical excellence but become marketeers by necessity. This realisation was the beginning of “Profit Practice”.

Meet the Founders

Mohit Bhalla


Mohit is a graduate from Thames Valley university and attended Advanced Management Programme with Oxford Said Business School which is one of Europe’s youngest and most entrepreneurial business schools.

He started his career with Radisson Edwardian Hotels. He held various Senior Management roles in blue-chip organisations in Marketing, On-line marketing.

David Jennings


David has been designing his own websites since 2008. After studying media and business in college, David gained an advanced diploma from Shaw Academy in digital marketing and photography then started his career by helping small businesses in a freelance compacity.

In 2017, he completed a digital marketing apprenticeship at a hotel group and continued to refine his skills in various industries including hotels, software providers and dental practices. David got his certification with Google Ads and is constantly looking for new trends in the marketing world.